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How To Write An Effective Social Media Post

Everyone is using the internet and social media either for fun or business purposes if you are productively using social media in the form of your business advertisement and grabbing the attention of your target audience.

But according to the standard updating policies and algorithms of social media platforms, making engagements and grabbing people’s attention is a challenging task now. Here is some information for making your social media post-effective:

Have A Research

If you want to attract the target audience on social media and more engagements per post, you have to synchronize your mins with them. The higher the relevancy with people’s thoughts, the more your post attracts people.

To have expertise in this niche, you have to research people about what people think about certain kinds of things. By doing more and more practice, you get perfection in making relevancy of people’s thoughts in your social media posts, thus engaging more and more target audience.

Content Is King

Remember that content has the place of king or boss in the social media post writing. Do not post every kind of content on the business account of social media. This thing decreases the professionalism and credibility of your business account.

Always make people aware that you are the best information source for a particular topic or product. Share only that content that is about the target audience. If you provide information about cooking products, do not share social media posts of sports or politics.

Post Is For Audience

Make sure that the post you are writing is hitting the audience entirely. Making a good post for the writer is of no significance. Always hit the audience with your interesting content. You can use visuals with a pretty professional look in your posts to attract people.

But using visuals with a poor look may reverse the phenomenon and badly affect your audience’s impression.

Know The Ideal Length Of Post

On Facebook, the ideal post length is about 140-280 words per post. Make sure that your posts are not too long and not missing the important information about the thing you are talking about and it should also include your contact number or anything like that if more information is required.

Add Media

If you want to get more audience, use video. Because video is the king of social media posting and advertising, according to some statistics, people are more fascinated with video and images than written content in simple Facebook posts.

Add Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons 

Always use different types of call-to-action buttons in your posts. Check which button is the best for a particular kind of post. Adding this button provides the target audience more confidence and greater chances of natural attraction towards the post’s writer.

Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Although people do not think much about Grammar on the internet, especially on social media, doing that reduces your level of professionalism. If you are not an expert in Grammar and other such things, you can use online Grammar improving tools available online on the internet.

Write Great Captions

If you have some poster in your social media post, writing catchy captions, in this case, matters a lot. Pictures and exciting captions attract the attention of people dramatically.

Use Professional Graphics

As we have already discussed, use graphics, but only those that look professional; using those without any professionalism reduces the attraction of people. In addition to it, using it once may cause a gradual loss in the reach of a particular social media posting account.

Use Hashtags

Social media provides you with hashtags for improving your research on the internet. For example, you can write up to 30 hashtags per post. But remember quality matters, not quantity. Use three most relevant hashtags at max. Exceeding this shows immature behavior.

Use Emoticons

Though emoticons are scarcely used in business or other kinds of professional social media posts, most of the on the internet now feel it necessary as a part of content because emoticons can give the push

Information Must Be Authentic

Describe all the necessary information in the social media post briefly, but never exaggerate about your services or products because this can significantly damage your credibility in the online market. Therefore, always use authentic information and declaration.

End With A Question

If you end your social media post with an interesting question, it can build a great interest in the target audience. But doing modification is effective; otherwise, it does not work and imparts a wrong impression on the reader about the non-creativeness of the writer.


Keep in mind that a perfect social media post may not include all of these qualities, but it may be ideal with only 1 or 2 with the perfect use of these techniques. So, always try to use these techniques with perfection to get more and more target groups of people on social