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How To Start A Blog In 2022 – Beginner’s Guide

We all have heard about the word “Blog,” but what is the blog in actuality? Blog, a short form of weblog or blog post, is a part of the website or a portion that concludes the written content about any of your favorite topics or business niche.

A blog is regularly updated in the form of newly updated posts, articles, or other written content. Blogs started as an online sharing of thoughts and views with friends and family. But now, it has evolved for the particular topics or business niche to cover the audience.

Now, people are making blogs to expand their business using the international market and audience. If you start a blog for your business, you must read this article because we describe technical things about “how to start a blog in 2022?”

How To Start A Blog In 2022

Pick A Blogging Platform

Select a blogging platform that is suitable for your business niche. There are two types of blogging stands; one is “Hosted,” and the other is “Self-Hosted.” Both of these blogging platforms have pros and cons in their vicinity.

Although the “Hosted” blogging platform is free of cost, it has lesser customization options, theme designs, plugins, text styles, and content display; most importantly, you don’t have a self- URL of your blog. Your URL contains the hosting company name in it as well.

While the “Self-Hosted” platform provides you with URLs and more blog customization sections according to the niche. Nowadays, WordPress provides the most beneficial content management system for efficiently managing your blog.

If you want to start blogging via WordPress, you must install WordPress on your domain via a web hosting provider. WordPress recommends the leading three hosting providers:

  • DreamHost
  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround

Using these companies, apart from other benefits, you do not face any issue regarding the installation of WordPress on your domain.

Pick A Domain Name

Choose a domain name as because .com is the most widely known website extension on the internet. Your name must be as short as possible but should demonstrate your business as much as possible.  

Pick WordPress Username

Since the username and the admin name on the WordPress are different for enhancing security. Your WordPress username must be like instead of

After having a WordPress account, you see your website’s dashboard on the WordPress panel. This panel provides information about the statistics of your website, the latest news, plugins, and the overall status of the website.

Select A Design

It is recommended to select a premium design for your website instead of the free one available in the WordPress library. The main reason for this is that you have your website design and layout documentation.

In addition to it, you have a wide range of customization facilities at any time and according to your choice very precisely without compromising any chance of changes. 

Install Plugins

After choosing the theme for your website, you have to install different plugins to upgrade your website. RankMath, WP Forms, WP Rocket, Akismet, and Vaultpress are the different plugins for boosting the performance of your website. 

Generate Basic Pages

You have to generate some basic pages of your website, providing some information for target readers on your website. Some of these include the homepage, contact us page, privacy policy page. These basic pages show the authenticity and credibility of your content and information about your niche. 

Install Analytics

To get aware of your website’s performance, you have to install the analytics tools for Google. Google provides two primary tools for giving you a quick view of your website performance. i.e., Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

How To Make Your Blog Successful 

Follow A Schedule

Make a schedule for updating the blogpost and articles on your blog. These things ultimately help you optimize your SEO and generate an organic audience passively. People wait for your upcoming exciting content.

Create Ideas On Your Topic

Create ideas on your topic by Google Trends, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and other tools. Following the latest people’s interest in a particular niche, you can attract a good audience towards yourself, ensuring your victory in the battle of blogging.

Do A Research On Your Ideas

Despite your knowledge on that topic, you should read and research your ideas to get a complete demand on your subject.

Write Your First Post 

Write your first article for your blog. It would help if you kept in mind that each blog post is a first impression important for newcomers to your blog.

Edit Your Post 

Enhance the grammar, clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery and remove plagiarism of your content by using different kinds of free and premium tools available on the internet. In this way, you can artificially increase your content’s readability without even much expertise.

Add Media and Publish Post

At least add one unique, high-resolution, and most related image to your content. After that, publish your content on the internet after following the above instructions.

Promote Your Content

Promote your blog posts on social media accounts to bring more audience to your blog. It’ll increase the organic audience for the stability of your blog posts.


Making a blog is not a big deal; making it successful for a long time matters. The structure of your website should be based on a trusted web hosting provider and have thoroughly professional materials related to the website.