disadvantages of using free websites

Disadvantages of Using Free Websites

Free website is a free non-paid web hosting service. There are many web hosting organizations that give free web hosting with some or other products that you purchase from them. If you have been utilizing WordPress for a short time now, it can be appealing to go for the freely available templates and adjusted it to your requirement.Indeed, you may also want to think why other successful organizations have been putting a lot of money into designing a whole new website for themselves.Deciding on a free website for your brand, business or organization isn’t the ideal way to go about things. Indeed, it is one of the main things you ought to evade!The reasons are clear. 

Here are 17 disadvantages of using free websites:

1. Unprofessional and irrelevant design

This perspective tops the chart of free website drawbacks. When you are selecting a free website, you will have to compromise on the design. You probably not get the layout to meet your navigation needs exactly. Additionally, someone who is searching for a relevant data (be it an article, item or whatever else) will favor a natural interface – not something that free websites come with.

2. Slow to load

The graphics, color and the embedded animation are mostly the best things about free websites. In fact, unpracticed customers will always feel that they are getting a lot for free, but it will become a constraint for the business. With graphic elements free websites are slow to load and will cost your traffic.

3. Security vulnerabilities

There could always be security susceptibilities and conceiving flaws, when you have not written the code yourself or had it written by someone you believe. In many cases, these security threats come into light when you have already been using the free website for some time.

4. Hidden codes

Aside from conceiving mistakes, free sites are most probably to integrate intentionally hidden codes that will cost your business in many ways. You will never know when your information is spilled, or your financial details were taken.

5. Lacking tech and customer support

Being free, these sites will not go with a technology or a customer support. In an issue emerges, no one can really tell what could be the core reason.

6. Similarity issues

Most free subjects will cause similarity problems with plugins and different expansion that you need as the business develops. Free topics are once in a while updated and can even make a website to split up.

7. Lack SEO elements

A free theme will need proper H1 tags and Meta descriptions if you are hoping your site reach out to the maxim people. Proper H1 tags and Meta description will cause slow loading and aren’t quite developed for responsiveness.

8. Faulty re-canonical links

Faulty re-canonical links can become an exorbitant mistake, and these are very acquainted with freely available website themes. Indeed, yoast.com confronted this problem early on after which they chose to change to a fresh layout.

9. Inefficient web address

Free sites will consistently attract specific credit to the architect and the URL peruses something like “examplebusiness.freewebsite.com’! This is totally unprofessional when you are addressing a free brand.

10. Possibility of data lockdown

With free websites, there is consistently the likelihood that the original developers lock down the information. In case you need to move to a new website layout, there would be no alternative to transfer the information you have gathered over the period.

11. Irrelevant advertisements

In different cases, free sites are also likely to exhibit promotions that are totally irrelevant to your brand. If you think it’s a trade off, you will need to make, think about this again.

12. 404 Not Found

HTTP error 404, or even more usually referred to as “404 error” means that the site you are trying to open cannot be found upon this server. This is really a client-side incident, which indicates that either the page has been erased or migrated, and the URL has not been updated accordingly, or that the URL is missing. Free websites have many disadvantages but this is one of the worsts. The original designers always have the alternative of closing down your website. You will never want this to occur.

13. Your information gets vulnerable

When you put in business particular data into a free site dashboard, there is bounty chance that they get exhibited to the original designers. They can even decide to utilize this data again you or offer it to your competitor.

14. Zero site building tools

Opposed to a genuine web hosting, free topics offer restricted tools to clients and not having the option to upgrade your design will make your website look considerably more unethical.

15. Malware distribution

There have been many examples where malware has been described to be dispersed through free websites. While users come looking for some type of important data related to your business, their system is welcomed by malware and hidden contents.

16. Low storage space

Free website hosting organizations will be hosting a huge number of several websites, and this consequently restricts the amount of disk storage accessible at your end.

17. Limited bandwidth

Data transmission costs cash and free sites offer an extremely restricted amount of it. If your brand is developing and you will need to incorporate more item pages, it would be issue with free websites.


A free website is not in every case free. By and large they come as a preliminary version and after a period you will need to pay to keep utilizing them. And after some time their results and effectiveness starts to decrease. You won’t have an option at this point in time! ‘FREE’ might appear to be appealing proposition but the costs hidden beneath are too high to tolerate for any encouraging business. It’s in every case better to invest in a developer and get what you need. You need to be completely aware of these free website disadvantages.