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Link Building: Is it Still Worthy in 2022?

It is a fact that link building has been an essential part of the entire SEO. It was considered the most crucial factor in ranking high in Google back in the day. However, link building is no longer effective because Google has become more intelligent.

Indeed, link building is still essential, but it’s also true that it’s becoming less effective over time. The reason why is simple: Google now rewards quality content instead of links. The new wave of SEO is based on producing great content, and if you can do this well, you can rank for anything.

Do Backlinks Still Matter In 2022?

Backlinks are considered the important factor of SEO, and with the help of high-quality backlinks, your website ranks high. New backlinks methods have been created recently that increase the value of backlinks even further.

The trick is learning to adapt your SEO strategies to further algorithm changes and link building. Companies who apply the old methods may not get the best results. Google’s algorithm changed in 2019, allowing them to distinguish spammy links from natural ones more easily.

Why Is Link Building Very Important?

Till now link building is an essential part of the website ranking. Links are the glue that binds various website properties together, and if they were removed, the Internet would be fundamentally different.

As we mentioned earlier, SEO wasn’t as important back then. Marketers didn’t need to do anything fancy to get higher rankings. All they had to do was add more keywords to their site. With the help of adding more keywords you can easily beat all your competitors.

Today, search engines rank websites based on many factors, including the number of incoming links. The inclusion of links as a ranking criterion changed the search engine drastically. Websites could now get higher rankings by having more links pointing to them. This further validates the popularity and relevance of the website.

Relevant Links

High-quality backlinks must be relevant. Those backlinks that connect two pages with similar, related, or helpful content are considered good backlinks. Someone who runs a construction site should get a backlink from an architecture site. Architecture people are more likely to be interested in construction.

Get Links From Authority Sites

Websites that have managed a name for themselves are usually considered authoritative. Backlinks from them are hard to get but well worth it. Search engines also value backlinks from authoritative websites because they know that the quality of the content on those pages is high.

Drive A Lot of Traffic

Backlinks are essential for SEO purposes. A high-quality backlink should drive lots of traffic to your site, and the low-quality backlinks won’t do much for you. A link is an essential part of every website. When someone clicks on a link, they go to another page on the same site. Links help people navigate around your site.

No To Spammy Links

Link-building campaigns should be unique. Spammy links can harm your campaign and make you lose several steps backward. It would help if you never used generic links. Links should always be unique, so your campaign looks natural and authentic.

However, high-quality links are used sparingly, but not too much. Spammy content gets penalized by search engines. Remember to never use the excessive amount of links. A piece of content with lots of backlinks loses some of its value. A part of the content with only one link to your site gains a lot of value.

Social Media Pages

High-quality backlinks come from social networks. Social media platforms are vast traffic sources for many websites, including yours. You should focus on sharing your posts on social media platforms; it will help boost your SEO efforts.

You could be an authority in your niche if you capitalize on backlinks from social media. Your content quickly goes viral on social media and gets tons of traffic by simply posting and sharing. Social media has unlimited backlinks opportunities.

Building Link With Infographics

Infographics are a great way to share lots of information at once. Infographics are also a great way to get links. It can help you digest data and is one of the most popular types of visual content, and you can share helpful information. It helps people understand complex topics better than text alone.

An infographic alone won’t help your SEO campaign. It should be shared by reputable websites and embedded on other pages. Include your brand name and logo. Your brand name and logo will increase your brand awareness even if you don’t receive a link.


Well, that’s all from our side so far. We believe link building still has some relevance today. But it will take a lot of effort and creativity to find new ways to build links. Also, if we don’t change our approach, we might not be able to compete on Google anymore.