improving customers loyalty in web hosting

Improving Customer’s Loyalty in Web Hosting

Different web hosting providers offer different services, depending on their pricing and the plans that they are providing. Customer loyalty is a crucial aspect of every business, it helps in strengthening your relationship with your current clients which minimizes the risk of losing clients to your competition. Not only is it a risk averse strategy, it can also prove beneficial to you by enhancing your image as a provider.

There are a lot of companies that are offering web hosting and sometimes your packages might coincide with your competitors’. In instances like this, your customer support is what makes you stand out as a brand. If you’re a web hosting provider looking for ways to strengthen your customer’s trust then this article is just what you needed. We have compiled a list of steps you can take and things you should avoid to ensure a strong bond of loyalty between you and your client.


Since we’ve already talked about customer service and experience in the introduction, let’s give you a little more information about the necessities of a good customer experience. Keeping aside factors like good response rate, customer experience also consists of how comfortable customers are with your website and most importantly the quality of services that are being offered. You can improve your customer experience by making your website more informational and easier to navigate, resolving issues like downtime as soon as possible and staying up-to-date with maintenance and upgrades.


Prompt responses to emails should be one of your top priorities. There will be times when an email might get lost in a sea of other emails and you end up not replying to the email at all. This could result in a bad experience for the customer or the loss of potential customers who were just reaching out to you in order to learn more about your services or resolve queries before opting for you. You will have to dedicate a certain amount of time of your day to tackle this issue and respond to all emails in an organized manner where you give definitive replies to your emails. The longer you take to reply, the more impatient people can get which will in turn discourage them to use your services.


The importance of answering phone calls is equal, if not more, to responding to emails in a timely manner. When a customer makes a phone call, they expect an immediate response and they tend to appreciate companies that give quick responses. Having phone lines that are always busy, unavailable or just unresponsive in general can have a declining impact. Providing prompt responses for just a specific period of time during the day is also not enough. You need to expand your response time and make your phone service functionable throughout the day. Knowing they can reach out to you at any time of the day and can expect their problems to be resolved at the earliest convenience will make the customers feel more at ease.


Often times, there will be customers who are frustrated and angry due to the problem at hand. Be it over email or phone, do not make up solutions in a false attempt to facilitate the customer. Even though this might work sometime and will calm down the enraged customer, it will prove detrimental in the future as the customer will realize that the solution you gave them was not effective and they might even end up bad-mouthing your services which could cause a big dent to your business.


Once you have suggested a solution to your customer, don’t disappear. Make sure you call them back to ask them if they’re system is running smoothly, if they are facing any other inconveniences or not and if there is anything else you can do to assist them. This extra attention will make the customers feel valuable and hence strengthen their loyalty.


Very often people are reluctant to ask for further help or services due to the language barrier that is present. Sometimes the most tech-savvy people are not completely familiar with the language in which you operate, but they know the ins and outs of the services they are choosing. In instances like this, your potential customers will want to fully comprehend the complete extent of the services they are purchasing but the language difference might create a hurdle for them. This is also true for people who might not be good with technology or fluent with the language in which you’re offering services and tutorials. In order to cater to such issues, you can hire a diverse customer support team or make your website language friendly.


Once you have helped your customer set up their website, do not ghost them. Sending automated emails about additional features that can be purchased is not enough to satisfy your customers. Rewards are an essential part of customer loyalty, make sure you offer special discounts or other rewards to your customers every now and then to make them feel valued. Keep checks with your customers, send them an email every now and then to see if they have any problems or if things are running smoothly. 


No matter how ideal your plan is, customer loyalty is the essence of your brand. Sometimes, you can create the ideal plan which will tick all the boxes in your customer’s list but if you lack in the area of good customer service, then there is a high probability that your client might seek other web hosting providers. We’ve written this article in an attempt to give you a quick guide about the essentials of maintaining and improving customer loyalty. We hope this will help you in holding on to your existing customers and making new ones too!