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Best WordPress Themes For eCommerce Store Or Website In 2022

In this age of the internet, eCommerce via an online store or a website increases day by day. In challenging circumstances like COVID-19, there is the only possible solution for people to purchase their necessities via online markets and stores.

Now, for starting a business in the form of the online store, you have to make a website with the best user experience, good looks, sound optimization, SEO, as well as arrangement of different products and the basic layout and theme of the website matters for the success of your store.

What should we keep in notice while selecting a theme for our website? Here are some tips for the ease of this scrutiny:

  • Performance
  • SEO optimization
  • Attractive Design
  • Customization Option
  • Responsive Design
  • Security Features
  • Plugin Supports
  • Multimedia Contents
  • Social Media Integration
  • Call-To-Action Options
  • Client Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Diversity and Versatility
  • Loading Speed
  • Mobile Optimization

Now, using online available automated software, developing a website for your business is not a difficult task; you can even manage your website with the help of WordPress. Here we will discuss different features of different kinds of layouts for eCommerce websites in 2022:

Flatsome – Best One

Flatsome is one of the most widespread WordPress theme forests, which provides you with a more user-friendly environment than any other one. The good thing about this theme of the online market is its diversity. We can easily customize everything about our product at any time, present on our website.

Another essential thing about Flatsome is its regular updates for keeping its users updated and bugs-free. Its main target is to maintain its user experience and creativity within the layout of products displayed.

Flatsome provides more than 300 layouts; great diversity with better quality is a considerable edge. You can trust its liability and uniqueness in displaying the products according to the keenness of the users and good looks.

Another good thing about Flatsome is that you can customize most features with absolutely zero coding experience. You can handle all of the features via their tools for customization and personalization.

Porto – Second Best

This theme provides you with the exact type of theme according to your business niche. It provides you with the most accessible display and SEO-friendly layouts. You can customize the looks of a particular layout according to your own choices and brand theme colors.

It exactly matches the products with your brand composition. Accordingly, it provides six product displays, descriptions, and documentation. Briefly speaking, Porto provides you with the best SEO-friendly environment, user-friendly interface, and very high-quality display looks.

Astra – Perfect For Beginners

In the world of websites, everyone knows about Astra. Even in its free version, it provides you with an SEO-friendly environment, layouts, fonts, and beautiful tools like Elementor, providing you with a fantastic feature of customization of everything.

Apart from these free features available in its free version, its pro version is theatrical. It supports eCommerce features for the success of your online market. These eCommerce features make it comfortable. Its salient pro features include error pages, scroll, drop-down system, sales bubble style, quick view, and extensive gallery options. 

Shopkeeper – Easy To Customize

If you are a beginner in website maintenance and know nothing about coding, this theme is best for you. Even if you don’t know the layout and graphics properly, you can quickly customize it. It provides you with the best readymade works and layouts for your website and online stores.

OceanWP – For eCommerce

OceanWP is especially for eCommerce. This is the best theme if you are starting your store right now. It provides the built-in eCommerce options, SEO optimization, customizations, language translations, and integrations with page builders.

Halena – Simple One

If you don’t have too many products for online business, this theme is the best for your website. It provides you with the quick and good looks of products display, an account of buyers, order taking, cart section, and much more.

Although you don’t need to work on this theme, it provides fantastic customization features to match your ideas and business codes perfectly. It provides the website organizer straightforward to manage even drag-and-drop options.

Divi – Paid One

Some significant features of the DIVI theme include advanced coding facility, filters and effects, animations, shape divider, shadows, element styling, and access to different tools like Monarch. It provides more than one thousand layouts for different kinds of eCommerce websites. Divi is not for free, and it’s only paid version is available.


The scrutiny of a perfect theme for your business depends on your creativity, topic, niche, and grip on your brand demands. Following the tips mentioned above for selecting a perfect theme for your website, you can increase the uniqueness of your online store.

It doesn’t matter that it is your first online store or second; quality matters. Don’t compromise on anything about user experience. Keep in mind that you are challenging your products and online competitors worldwide! Good luck with your website!