The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Photographers in 2021

When we talk about WordPress, one of the main features that stands out is the tremendous number of themes that are available for free so you don’t have to fret over spending money. All you have to do is download the theme and then apply it to your website. A good theme will give your website a consistent and visually appealing look. If you have created your website for the purposes of showcasing your photography, then your theme should be such that it highlights your work and doesn’t divert the attention of the user elsewhere. We have listed 15 free WordPress themes that you can use to give your website a more aesthetic and organized look.


Tography lite uses a minimalistic approach. Using this theme will play in your favor because it caters to the evergreen trend of ultra-minimalism which has dominated the web designing industry for a long time. The theme in general, designs your page in such a way that there is an ample amount of white space, subtle animations and the overall look is very neat. One additional benefit of using this theme is that it creates a fully responsive design which improves the overall user experience.


This theme is ideal for photobloggers as it allows you to publish your posts alongside a full screen header. This header is an eye-catcher and gives the user an idea about your content. A major advantage of using this theme is that you can customize the different features according to your own preferences and it is very responsive.


The umbrella theme is ideal if you’re looking for a way to create a slideshow of your work. What this theme does is that it creates a full-width slider on your homepage which the user can move back and forth to view the different photos that you’ve uploaded. Similar to Rokophoto, the umbrella theme is also super responsive and can be customized.


If you want a theme that’ll not only beautify your website but also improve its ranking, then piclectic is the one for you. The theme allows you to upload or share pictures from different platforms and the final product is very responsive and can be customized.


The Fotogenic theme has a very innovative and unique look which makes it the ideal choice for photographers. Similar to other themes, Fotogenic is very responsive and can be customized but the most major advantage of using this theme is that it comes alongside a 24/7 available support service.


The Fullscreen theme utilizes the one column layout. A major benefit of this theme is that you can create an infinite number of galleries and customize them as you move forward. The theme is very responsive and the side-scrolling homepage makes it easy to use. It is great for generating your portfolio.


As the name itself suggests, the sider theme arranges your photographs side-by-side in a horizontal manner. A major advantage of this theme is that it’s integrated with the Sell Media plugin and allows you to customize almost every element on your website. 


If you’re a photoblogger then this theme is one of the most highly recommended themes for you. It divides your page into two columns and comes with a lot of beautiful featured pictures. An advantage of using this theme is that you can add your social media links and customize the manner in which you display them.


If you’re a photographer who has a bold and wild approach to photography, then this theme will go hand-in-hand with your style. The theme is designed to cater to photobloggers and a lot of weightage is placed on typography. Similar to other themes, the magnus theme is very responsive and can be customized.


Want to design your blog in such a way that it can also be used for commercial purposes? Optics is the perfect theme for you as it supports eCommerce. You can use your blog to sell your work or even give out sessions related to photography and photo blogging in order to earn.


If you want the overall look of your page to be organized and not abstract then you should definitely consider the Fukasawa theme. This customizable theme changes the layout of your page by arranging photographs in grids and makes your page more responsive. 


It is great for photo bloggers. The theme consists of grid layouts which helps in organizing your photographs and takes care of the overall dimensions automatically. An additional feature of this theme is that it has a social media links menu and allows you to post from multiple platforms.


The Piroll theme is an ideal choice if you want to create a portfolio. This theme consists of a wide variety of styles and customization features, giving the overall product a very elegant and classy look. This theme is very responsive and a major advantage is that it is integrated with MailChimp.


This theme has a live customization feature and is ideal for creating a visual diary. It is fully responsive and features a number of layouts.


Hitchcock arranges your photograph in a grid and puts them in the center of your homepage in such a way that it instantly catches the user’s eye. This theme utilizes typography and supports the Gutenberg editor as well as the classic editor.


There are several other themes that you can use for instance Carbon WordPress, Optics and Malefic. Before launching your website, you should decide a theme that you intend to follow. Choosing the right theme is very crucial for you therefore you should put a lot of thought into it before making your final decision. All the themes mentioned above are free so you can play around with them until you find the perfect match for your website.