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Best Black and White Website Designs For Your Inspiration

You’ve seen the colorful ones, and you’ve seen many other websites in color which look beautiful. But when it comes to black and white web design, few people understand what they are missing out on by not designing their site themselves in a monochromatic fashion.  

This article aims to show you just how popular black and white website designs have become and provide you with a list of stunning websites that set the standard and help you create your ultimate guide for inspiration. 

Studio Grafite Website 

Studio Grafite’s website is a simple and interactive black and white design. It has a slider at the top, which shows different types of work by the studio. The site has an area to show clients’ reviews about this studio which is an outstanding feature for any website, as it gives users clear information on how satisfied clients are with the studio’s work. 

The navigation bar at the top has icons to show different categories of work which is a fantastic feature for any website. The next area contains the client’s work in images and descriptions that are simple and up to a point. This type of layout shows the recent work so that users can know about their latest work.

The Black Sheep Agency Website

The Black Sheep Agency is a creative studio offering a full range of graphic design services. Their website went live in 2012, and so far, it’s got a great response from its visitors. It features a black and white wavy background which gives a unique touch to the site.

The color scheme used on this site does not distract but helps bring out what the agency offers. It also features some great box shots of their work, making it easier for visitors to understand their creativity.

Double Barrel Website Design

This clean and simple website uses a double-barrel design with the company name as the first barrel and the message as the second. The contrast between black and white works very well. When you visit their site, it looks like a single page site, but there are hidden menus on various web page sections, making navigation easy for both visitors and staff.

Some of the features that make this website worth noting are:

1- The strategically placed contact menu on the top right corner; is within easy reach for visitors and staff members.

2- A simple way of displaying its mission statement gives a brief insight into what they do.

Made By Sofa Acquisition Website

This website uses black and white in a way that is not monochromatic but has both colors present in almost every element of the site. It looks like an old-fashioned picture frame with black on the outside and white inside. The text is crisp and easy to read with very little clutter, making it easy to focus on the essential details.

Melanie DaVeid Website

Melanie Davide’s website is very minimalistic but manages to incorporate color in its way into the illustration. The site reminds me of my childhood trips to the library, where black and white drawings were displayed to show artists’ creativity in books like “Where The Wild Things Are.”

A clean black and white background with artistic elements popping up throughout the page draws the user further into the site.

Gipimotor Website Design

This black and white website design has an excellent look created with photographs. It’s simple enough to catch anyone’s attention, yet it gives off an impression of being very sophisticated.

The diagonal orientation has allowed them to make their name stand out against the gray background, while photos bring colors into the design.

Salt and Pepper Website

This site is a very minimal design that lets its images speak for themselves. The use of images, pictures, and shapes gives this simple website a unique feel.

There are no distracting elements, but the website was not designed to be minimalistic. Its focus is on the typography and what you’d expect from a good brand in a minimalist style.

Altered Qualia Website

It is a black website with white text set on it. It has an image of a woman’s face at the bottom right corner that changes colors as you progress down. 

The actual content is mainly focused on children writing about various topics related to science and mathematics. Several interesting facts are included in the content, which makes it very educational.


The Black and white color scheme is trendy. It’s also elegant, sophisticated, minimalistic, and clean. So it’s no wonder that many designers use this color scheme in their web designs. We gathered some of the best examples of why web designers’ black and white website designs are popular.