Free WordPress Plugins for Adding and Extending Google Maps

If you’re looking for a way to boost the traffic on your page, then common sense dictates that you should use SEO tools to reach the optimum output. In order to attract nearby customers to your website, you need to make sure you’re using local Search Engine Optimization. One such way to do this is making your website inclusive of Google Maps.

Not only will adding google maps, boost traffic to your site, it will also help customers visualize their physical distance from you. This will make it easier for people to find your business, contact you in a more efficient manner i.e., they can reach out to you physically, inspire users to visit your website and give your business added credibility.

Adding and extending google maps to your site is something you can do on your own without reaching out to your web host or an expert for help. We have compiled a list of WordPress plugins that you can apply. Not only will this make your work easy, it will also save your money since it’s free.


It’s an open-source software which makes use of Snazzy Maps. This will enable you to customize your maps, setting different themes, locations and different parameters. The user-friendly and easy to use nature of this Snazzy Maps’ user interface will let you do your work without going through too much hassle.

When you access Snazzy Maps, you will be given the option to select the style of your map and then define its size and location. You can then add markers and tweak the advanced settings to suit your purpose. Once you’ve successfully created your ideal map, you will be allowed to copy the code and implant it onto your website.


If you’re looking to create a directory for your website, then GeoDirectory can be your go-to-choice since it gets the work done in a very time efficient manner. One of the key features of GeoDirectory is the flexibility it offers in terms of scaling i.e.; your directory can be regional or global. Your directory can be customized, depending on the information that you want to put on display for the users. In terms of visualization, you can choose from a variety of templates and create widgets, short codes and blocks to further facilitate your users. Another advantage of using GeoDirectory is its compatibility with any and all themes and page builders.


WP design maps and places is also a mapping plugin that you can use but its additional customizable features makes it stand out. Correct use of the different features can make your map extension seem more appealing. It can also improve the overall look of your website once users see that your map is synchronized with the theme of your website. You can even choose to ignore geolocation data, which opens even more doors for you in terms of creativity and user friendliness.


Suppose you’re the owner of a single business which is spread over different areas. In order to tackle the issue of making all your operational locations visible on your website, under one map, you can use the WP store locator. This will enable you to add multiple locations without making it seem overly complicated, keeping it easy for the customers to keep a track. Similar to the previous plugins, the WP store locator can also be customized to suit the look of your website and the services you offer. Furthermore, you can include information like business hours and phone numbers to your map so that the user doesn’t have to be all over the place while browsing through your website.


GPX is a data format for your GPS which can be used on different software applications. If you’re incorporating a GPX file into your maps, then your maps can become much more informative and attractive for the users. This is because the WP GPX maps comes with additional features like measuring your heart beat, the altitude, temperature and speed. This can come in very handy if you’re into sports or are looking for an easy way to track your exercise or fitness-related data.


As the name itself suggest, a visitor map is one that is designed specifically to cater to the needs of visitors. What does this mean? When you access a visitor map, you will see the locations of different users that are either logged into the relevant website or are just visiting the site as guests. This can help users give an idea about the demographic nature of your site. This can also help you in performing data analysis on your users by listing them geographically.


The name must have given you an idea that your map will appear as a pop-up window on your page. If you don’t want an entire section of your site dedicated for your map, you can use the pop-up box option. Using a pop-up will allow you to insert different maps all over your web page, in different locations and will keep users focused on the content of your page rather than getting distracted.


The name gives an idea of the target audience for this map widget i.e., mobile users. This is an extension, that allows users to access google maps by just a single click. Once the map appears on your screen, you will see a stationary version of the map. Once you enter your destination, the location gets pinned and then routes will be provided to you from your current location.


Adding and customizing maps will increase the level of convenience for the user. The additional features will enable you to provide information to your customers in a concise yet comprehensive manner which is why we will suggest you to consider maps as a must-have feature.