Free Website VS Facebook

Keep in mind, online stages are basically virtual areas which individuals visit to help them in carrying on with their everyday lives. Each online stage are planned contrastingly to serve certain requirements and wants for the individuals who visit them. For example, the need might be shopping, mingling, getting fit, learning or instructing. Along these lines, understanding the ultimate objective for which existing stages are designed is fundamental while picking site versus web-based media.

1. Facebook Business benefits

These times, many social networking sites have enhanced the functionality to act as both a functionality distribution channel and a connectivity platform, inspiring the platform’s professionals to consolidate offerings to their audiences.

Advantages of Facebook

  • It takes a few minutes to set up a Facebook page and all the foundation programming is as of now produced for you.
  • Facebook gives in-constructed specialized instruments, for example, Messenger and Comment to discuss straightforwardly with your crowd
  • More traffic.


  • You are liable to Facebook’s guidelines and updates
  • A lot of Facebook’s plan is pre-computerized and you just can mark your business somewhat.

2. Benefits of website business

  • You have outright say on all parts of your site including where it is facilitated, the URL it is situated at, the plan, guest rights and considerably more.
  • There are no guidelines and you can post up what you wish without restriction.
  • Having a private issue site adds validity to your image particularly in the event that you need individuals to purchase from you on the web.


  • The whole back finish of programming improvement and upkeep is on you.
  • It’s dependent upon you to direct people to your site.

3. Know Your audience and their platforms

It’s of most extreme significance that you know and comprehend who your intended interest group is to choose Facebook versus Website; the explanation being that whomever your crowd is will direct what stage they are as of now on. It is generally gainful for you to make a solid online brand in a stage on which your ideal client as of now locks in.

Say, for example, your business is assembling and selling uniquely designed strolling sticks and your intended interest group is people in Australia more than 60 years old. The odds are that a segment of 60+ will be generally utilizing Google search to find you. Nonetheless, in the event that you are occupied with making soy candles with custom marks and your objective segment is females 20-40 years of ages across 10 nations, at that point almost certainly, your crowd invests their energy looking for home stylistic theme choice on stages such, Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook as opposed to Google.

4. Opt new platforms

There are innumerable new online web-based media and substance appropriation stages opening up consistently. Prepare as numerous as you are capable for content dissemination to construct your online presence. It’s basic that you encourage an adaptable attitude that permits you survey, adjust, and learn new online stages rapidly. Instead of reasoning, ‘Well, should I utilize a site versus web-based media?’ it is of more prominent significance that you test drive every stage and truly become a professional.

In the event that you’re overwhelmed with other business building exercises, at that point get another person to set up your blog or Facebook page. Visit and you’ll have the option to re-appropriate the work at a very moderate cost.

5. Use both mediums to enhance business

Distribute an article on your site and all the while post it on your Facebook page to direct people to your site. The other way around, incorporate your online media handles on your site to drive individuals to your Facebook page.

You can likewise utilize Facebook Pixel to follow traffic to your site and afterward remarket to that crowd on Facebook through promoting. Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that is set in the header code of your site and gets site traffic data through to Facebook’s publicizing instruments.

6. Professionalism

Your Facebook page is a predefined layout that can’t be changed or altered. The lone thing you can do it to customize it is – add your profile picture, cover photograph, applications, and Milestones. And these accompany a constraint.

With regards to your site, it resembles “the front entryway of your online business.” You can feature your image and oversee the impression you need to give individuals when they visit your image unexpectedly. Individuals believe a business site to be more expert and tenable.

8. Website offers freedom

Like substance adaptability, a site likewise considers more innovative opportunity. From format to shadings to route, you can plan a site that is exceptional and accommodates your objectives. Facebook takes into consideration minimal inventive opportunity. Disregard cool pivoting pictures, “give presently” catches and intelligent designs on your Facebook page. In the event that you need a really unique plan that will mirror your business objectives, you will have to put resources into a site.

9. Limited Analytics on Facebook

Despite the fact that Facebook has some wonderful investigation, they are not even close as amazing as what Google offers. Google Analytics, just as other significant measurements bundles, offers astounding experiences into how clients are communicating with your site. Web Analytics will show you how a deal was made, what way a guest took through your website, ricochet rates, number of guests at a particular season of day, thus significantly more. Facebook’s examination can’t disclose to you the entirety of this, leaving you with significantly less data than that of your rivals who have sites.


We’ve just explained the most ideal choice is to use at least two stages to assemble a solid online brand. On the off chance that you have restricted time, at that point it’s a basic matter of parting your assigned time between the two, or three, or anyway numerous stages you are right now utilizing to appropriate substance to your crowd.

Say for example you have 1 hour of the day accessible to construct your online presence. On the off chance that you are setting up both a Facebook Page and a site, at that point go through 30 minutes on your site and 30 minutes on your Facebook Page.