Email Hosting – Everything You Need to Know

Communication is an essential part of managing your business and its customer service. The first step to establishing an online presence is to make a site for your business. For this, you will have to get in touch with a web host. Even though web hosting gets a major chunk of your work done, it sometimes leaves out communication between the business and the customer. For our day-to-day use, we can opt for the many communication services available, however if you’re looking for a tool that will facilitate you in formal business communications then email hosting is your most practical solution.

There is a possibility of email hosting being included in your web hosting plan but in the instances when its not, you’ll have to make a separate purchase. Once you have subscribed to this service, you will have your work cut out for you; all you need to do is put in a customized email address. If your web host and email hosting provider are the same then your email address will match the domain name of your website. There are many additional benefits of using email hosting and we will explore them in this article to help you understand how crucial email hosting is for your business.


Email hosting is when all of your email related information and data is stored on a server. Upon receiving an email from an email address with your domain name in it, the email is stored on the recipient’s server and then the administrator gets to call the shots. Depending on the nature of the email received and the sender, the administrator can choose to either reply or ignore it.  Your web host and email host can be the same but they can also differ depending on the packages you purchase.

When you make an email account, your email address is usually something along the lines of, etc. depending on where you create an account. Email hosting is a more professional alternative since it includes your domain name in your email address instead of Hotmail, yahoo or Gmail etc. It serves as a tactic to keep your subscribers on board and gain new ones since people are usually inclined towards receiving emails from addresses that sound more legitimate and formal. Email hosting plans vary from provider to provider and are also dependent upon the amount of money you are willing to spend. Now let’s dive further in the next section of this article and uncover the depths of email hosting and explore the different options of email hosting available.


In this section, we will talk about the different features you might want to look for when deciding the package that’ll suit your needs.

  1. Online archiving: This option will facilitate you in keeping backups of your emails which can prove beneficial for analyzing past trends, going over communications and having a general overall record of your operations that were conducted via email.
  2. Bundle deals: If you’re looking for email hosting and web hosting without having to spend a fortune, then you should search for providers who offer both services under the same roof as purchasing them individually from different providers might cost you more.
  3. Multiple mailboxes: This is a must-have feature for your business if you think your business’s growth rate is increasing and you want to track and organize your email in a more competent and comprehensive manner.
  4. Mailbox storage: This is another crucial mailbox feature that you need to familiarize yourself with. Before purchasing any email hosting server, you need to be aware of the storage and the file sizes that your mailbox can hold.
  5. Room to grow: Last but not the least, the email hosting server you opt for should be flexible in terms of scaling and should support the fluctuating nature of businesses in order to avoid going through the process of purchasing new plans every time your business expands.

These different options might increase the overall cost of your plan therefore it is advisable if you get your potential host to explain these technical terms to you before you make any final decisions.


Using email hosting make your data and files more secure and in the rare instances when your account gets hacked, you can always recover your data without a lot of hassles and tremendous effort. Another advantage is the cost-effective nature of email hosting plans since maintenance, upgrades and virus protection are no longer your concern but something that your provider will have to cater to.

Using an email hosting server rather than a free email provider will enable you to customize your email address and make it more professional. Unlike free email providers, email hosting servers give control in your hands and you are able to communicate your issues and difficulties with the support staff of your hosting company. The availability of different options and additional features secures your purchased plan for future purposes too. Other advantages include no pop-up ads, stronger security, more responsive support staff, collaboration tools and online archiving.


Finding the perfect fit is a no-brainer once you have understood the different features. Finding the most suitable option will save you a lot of time and effort. If you decide to choose a dedicated email server, you will be free of the mundane task of deleting emails in order to clear up some space since this server will provide you with a mass storage capacity.

Regardless of the features you choose, you should try to design your package in such a way that the overall plan offers flexibility and affordability. Before making any final calls, make sure you explore the different email hosting servers and ask your web host if they offer email hosting. We are optimistic that this article will have cleared up a lot of queries you had in mind regarding email hosting.