5 Crucial Seo Ways to Leverage the Power of Your WordPress Website in 2021

WordPress currently controls more than a quarter of domains, turning it the world’s largest website designer. If your platform is on WordPress, we’ve got some awesome news. Not only is it simple to use and highly popular, but it is also often known to be the greatest content management system for SEO. If you want to harness the power of WordPress for your blog, you need to keep up with the changing tips and techniques for this highest-level CMS. If you don’t, the website could be lagging in terms of rating, user-friendliness, and trustworthiness.

If you would like your WordPress platform to run like a well-oiled engine, read on. Since we’re about to discuss the greatest WordPress tips and techniques with you all in 2021 to outshine your platform and enable it to reach new heights of success and popularity.


One of the advantages of WordPress is the variety of world-class free and premium website layouts. The myriad of appealing and practical themes can be difficult to select from. Even so, there is one consistency differentiation that you can take into account when checking new themes for your WordPress platform. It’s SEO-friendliness. When you browse the WordPress themes, you can find that several themes have an “SEO-friendly” suffix. Making sure that the template you want has this SEO-friendly label on it, and also the following abilities:


One of the defining characteristics of an SEO-friendly style is responsiveness, just a sophisticated way to suggest that the web would look fantastic on all browsers. This is a must-have in today’s age of scrolling. With visitors scrolling your site from computers, tablets, and smartphones, it is vital that your site can be reshaped to accommodate any computer.


The other main theme feature that affects SEO is how lightweight a design is. Since website loading pace is a strong ranking factor, the site needs to load as quickly as possible. One of the secrets to lightning-fast performance and capacity is a lightweight domain style. If you’re not cautious and don’t retaliate against this functionality, you could end up downloading an inevitably sluggish theme. Few templates show up with post plugins that can bug downloading time considerably.


Backlinks are the age-old best technique in SEO. Despite various improvements to Google’s automated system, they continue to stay a very significant ranking factor in 2021. Backlinks are building the page authority. If you are linked to a well-rated and reputable platform, this tells Google that your website is of importance and that it can be shown to users. Creating strong backlinks requires time and effort. Even so, with techniques such as guest hosting, forum commenting, visualizations, and message communications, you can effectively build up high-quality inbound links over time.

At the same time, one more top WordPress tip which remains is to create an internal connection structure. In simple terms, this is the process of creating well-placed inner ties to your product and platform, which directs visitors through your pages.


Another way to improve the usability of your WordPress platform is to get an SSL credential. Maybe you should have browsed a website and seen a little green padlock next to the Address of the site? If this is the case, this domain has an SSL license. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a programming layer that encodes the link between search engines and web sites, thus shielding the recipient. Holding an SSL certificate implies to visitors that the site has a safe link, which will increase loyalty and the number of pages visited, and lower bounce rates.

Besides, Google has prioritized web protection for clients and has modified the algorithm similarly. Today, Google is preferring pages with an HTTP URL over pages that don’t. In contrast, websites lacking an SSL certificate will view a red warning message on Google+. This notifies the user of the possibility that they are visiting an unprotected site, and can cause suspicion.


The production of tidy permalinks is also another popular WordPress technique and trick going into 2021. Permalinks are static connections that you see when you visit a website. When you create pages and articles on WordPress, you can see a window in the upper part of the editing screen. You can insert the permalink you need for your fresh post or page in this window. When you build these ties, it’s crucial to make them tidy and clear. A tidy, easy permalink is far more user-friendly than a lengthy, number-filled one that is daunting to glance at.

For example, ‘’HTTPS://web01345//wordpress104tipsandtricks20219087’’ is very confusing whereas ‘’HTTPS;//web/wordpresstipandtricks’’ is less daunting to look at. 

Besides being gentle on the sight and simple to grasp, tidy permalinks are also more efficient. Bizarre permalinks, lengthy and probabilistic, frequently appear mysterious to Web users. A website that has a complex, odd sequence of words, characters, and markings as its connection could make you wonder whether you’re landing on a spam site or a harmful Page.


Per Google, smartphone browsers can abandon your website if it takes longer than three seconds to launch. Related evidence is valid for users searching on desktops. So clearly, you need to customize your WordPress platform for pace. Many of the ideas on how to improve page load speed involve:

  • Choose a lightweight style
  • Pick a good responsive layout 
  • Optimize web photos
  • Decrease redirect
  • Use a browser encryption
  • Boost the server response time

It is important to make sure that your site loads up fairly quickly to gain more organic traffic and also rank higher in the search engine result.

CONCLUSION: If you’re struggling to handle your WordPress site or just need some help with another issue, implement the above guidance. We believe these pieces of advice will help you get your platform off to a fantastic start in 2021.